Thursday, February 2, 2012

Pictures of people!

That I drew!  I was trying out a new process for my very first job as a caricature artist (woohoo!), and these are what happened.  I used pencil (for layout), brush pen, and crayon.

My roommate has the coolest hair...

...but maybe not the coolest hat.

So dashing!  (Aww, yeah!)

So rugby?

These yellow cowslip cheeks...

And these guys also happened. Brush pen, crayon, and some goofing around on Photoshop.  With a mouse.

The unwitting model for the man is never that creepy-looking.


  1. My apologies to my more digital-artily sophisticated friends for using the gradient tool. In my defense, this was pretty much my first time using Photoshop for anything besides adjusting the brightness and contrast of an analog sketch, so the tools were all bright and shiny and new to me. And, hey, now I know what they do.

  2. Wow, these are great! I agree, number 2 is a pretty cool hat :) I love how you bring your unique style to caricature, you're going to rock it at the gig in a couple of weeks!

    Also- Pretty impressive for just a mouse :) And also, the gradient works, i think. Gradients get a bad rap, but I think they can be done well, especially in combination with textures and patterns :)

  3. I love them. Your style is very inviting. Your apology to the not creepy (or did I correctly read "not as creepy" male model) cracked me up. Gonzo Congrats on the job!

    1. Hey, thanks! It was a fun one! I didn't get to keep any of the pictures, for obvious reasons, and I didn't think/have time to take photos of them; otherwise, the one of the couple as Dobby and Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter would definitely be up here.