Saturday, October 1, 2011

Ladies 2

Only this one is more for the ladies: the latest addition to our Ladees Mans Wall
Scarrow is one dashing fella.  Yes, Strong Bad is also a Ladees Man.

Contributed by my doge, who is awesome.  And she makes awesome art.  Check out her stuff here!
Also, here are the letters that accompanied the poster:


  1. MAN, that looks great on the wall. Makes me proud. *sniff* My little baby's all grown up and charmin' ladies all over Apt. 26's living room!!

    Thank you, my doge. And thanks for the link to my blog, that's awesome!

    Dude. You are amazing. I love dew.

  2. And, hey, Strong Bad is totally a ladies' man! Don't you know he's got a big old red head? And a fat little body? And he never changes his clothes?

  3. lol Madeleine awesome job! I agree about the Strongbad thing, they should hang out :)

  4. I love dew, too, my doge! No, he never changes his clooothes!

  5. No, he never changes his clothes!