Monday, August 15, 2011

First off

coming up with a title for this blog was rather difficult.

I wasn't sure who-all would actually know about and view it, and I worried about the various meanings that various people might read into it. However, there wasn't really much I could do about that.

I could control what meanings I read into it, though, and that made me even more uncomfortable. After all, creating this blog was sort of a spur-of-the-moment thing, sort of like getting a tattoo on little sleep and/or in an emotional crisis. What if I chose a title that held deep symbolic significance to me now, only to forget why it mattered a few weeks later? To avoid that, I could always choose something facetious, but that would merely be embarrassing right away.

In the end, I realized that there was really no way of predicting my schema of personal symbols in the future, so I would have to pick something that reflected me right now. Yay being forced to live in the moment. I chose a title that is hopefully solid enough for me and nebulous enough for my readers to keep the nature of this blog flexible (going back to the tattoo analogy: if no one can tell what it is to begin with, it won't look as bad when I start wrinkling and the image gets all warped and saggy).

So, get ready for a piecemeal construct that is a representation of my mind. Perhaps something beautiful will come of it.


  1. If anyone really wants an explanation for the ships, I'll probably be happy to oblige in person, or over e-mail, or whatever.

    Conversely, if anyone has ideas for a better title, send them my way. I probably won't actually take them, but it could be fun to keep a list of alternates.

  2. I love your style of writing! Ha I like the tatoo analogy ;) Great introduction, I can't wait to see what comes of your new creative venture!

  3. Haha, awesome. If you want me to go all out and glean for meanings...

    Shipyard... like, you're waiting for a relation-ship with Prince Charming, only... something-or-other else gets in the way.

    Or maybe it's that your brain is like a gianormous shipyard, with lots of projects and plans in it, and you're waiting for a new semester so you can start some of them.

    Or maybe it's that you're secretly a giant boat, and you never told us, not even your own family! Dun dun dun!!! That would explain how you got to France and back...

    Have fun with your blog!

  4. Well, 'shipyards' is a word full of imagery and meaning for me--although I had not previously considered it a symbol. So, already you have shaped unintentially.

    Hurray for starting your blog. I'm happy for your stated generosity in sharing your ideas for your friends--and providing a forum for friendship continued. Again hurray!

    I also like the tiny detail that your blog was created 11:42 a.m., not the stereotypic wee hours of 11:42 p.m., or 2:14 a.m. or 4:12 a.m. . . .

    OK--I'm just happy. Deal with it.

  5. To everyone in general: A smile.

    To songbyrd19: Yes, I probably am actually a giant boat. That would explain a lot of things, not the least of which is my voyage to croissantland...